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The Rising by DanaHaynes The Rising by DanaHaynes
"The Rising" Fractal Art
Created 1-21-2010 By Dana Haynes

Dedicated to: Our Troops---To honor them for their commitment . It is also dedicated to all those who have given the highest most sacred--Their lives living up to that duty. You are not forgotten but cherished. I hold you, an all the loved ones that have lost someone in this war in high regards. My hopes for you are that your heart finds peace. I understand how hard that is having lost two of my own in the last few years. I can not even imagine how hard it is for you to reconcile the loss. It is also to those who still worry and pray, that theirs comes home soon. Your prayers are my prayers. You all are in my thoughts daily. The most dedicated person to this ideology we all live by in music is Bruce Springsteen, so this is also a shout out to him. His dedication to us "common folk" in spirit through his life: For keeping it real. He was honored recently by Sting singing his song: The Rising an many others. It was truely a inspirational moment, as is the original song: Bruce Springsteen The Rising

Everyone mentioned deserve ovations: So sing a long even if you do not agree with the war in principle. United we stand, divided we fall. Amen. Sing it brother... The Rising
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